• Portfolio Facts
  • Portfolio Managers:ProFund Advisors
  • Investment Objective: Seeks to provide exposure to the Dow Jones U. S. Pharmaceuticals Index.
  • Inception Date: 6/28/2000

At a Glance
ProFund VP Pharmaceuticals seeks to provide exposure to the Dow Jones U. S. Pharmaceuticals Index.

ProFund VP Pharmaceuticals seeks daily investment results, before fees and expenses, that correspond to the daily performance of the Dow Jones U.S. Pharmaceuticals Index.

There is no guarantee that any ProFund will achieve its investment objective. Investment return and principal value will vary and shares may be worth more or less at redemption than at original purchase. An investment in this ProFund entails certain risks, which are outlined in the Fund's Prospectus.

Because non-diversified portfolios invest a substantial proportion of their assets in a limited number of securities within a specific industry, they may suffer greater volatility as a result of economic, political or regulatory events than diversified portfolios would.

Certain funds are subject to concentration risk which results from maintaining exposure to issuers conducting business in a specific industry. Sector funds may have significant exposure to an individual company that constitutes a significant portion of that fund's benchmark index and thus will be more susceptible to the risks associated with that specific company.

Risks associated with investing in companies in the pharmaceuticals industry include but are not limited to: fluctuating securities prices due to government regulation and approval of products and services and/or liability for products alleged to be harmful or unsafe, heavy spending on research and development, products and services may not prove commercially successful or may become obsolete, and adverse effects from world events and economic conditions.

There are several risk considerations associated with the ProFunds VP and the Access VP High Yield Fund, including but not limited to the following: Active Investor Risk, Aggressive Investment Technique Risk, CDS Risk, Concentration Risk, Correlation Risk, Counterparty Risk, Credit Risk, Debt Instrument Risk, Early Close/Trading Halt Risk, Emerging Markets Risk, Equity Risk, Foreign Currency Risk, Foreign Investment Risk, Geographic Concentration Risk, High Yield Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Issuer Specific Risk, Liquidity Risk, Management Risk, Market Risk, Non-Diversification Risk, Repurchase Agreement Risk, Portfolio Turnover Risk, Short Sale Risk, Small and Mid-Cap Company Investment Risk, Technology Investment Risk, Valuation Risk, Value Investing Risk.

Please see the prospectus for complete discussion of these risks and other special risks that may apply to specific Funds.