• Portfolio Facts
  • Portfolio Construction Manager:
  • Portfolio Managers: Maciej Kowara, CFA; Todd R. Porter, CFA
  • Investment Objective: Seeks capital appreciation with current income as a secondary objective.
  • Inception Date: 05-01-2006
  • Net Assets (03-31-2013): $19,225,574

As of 03-31-2013
One Year 6.98%
Three Year5.44%
Five Year 0.91%
Ten Year 0.00%
Since Inception 1.64%

The Average Annual Returns reflect the advisory fee and all other portfolio expenses and include reinvestment of dividends and capital gains; they do not reflect the charges and deduction under the applicable life insurance policies or annuity contracts. This information must be accompanied by the current performance reports for the appropriate product showing returns net of fees and charges, including mortality and expense risk charge. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Both the return and principal value of subaccounts will fluctuate so that when redeemed, they may be worth more or less than their original cost. An investment in the fund is subject to risk including possible loss of principal.

Asset allocation, an investing strategy of dividing money among many types of investments, can help investors manage risk but can not guarantee a profit or guard against loss. Asset allocation, like all investment strategies, offers no guarantee of positive returns. Funds are subject to market risk, including loss of principal. You should also note that fees associated with these funds-of-funds may be higher than with other funds.

As of 03-31-2013
Foreign Equity 61.23%
Domestic Debt 24.03%
Foreign Debt 6.13%
Domestic Equity 5.50%
Cash & Cash Equivalent 2.98%
Investment Company 0.13%
As of 03-31-2013
Financials 21.75%
Consumer Discretionary 11.80%
Industrials 10.90%
Materials 6.99%
Consumer Staples 6.89%
U.S. Government Obligation 5.78%
Information Technology 5.78%
Health Care 5.77%
Energy 5.04%
U.S. Government Agency Obligation 4.98%
Mortgage-Backed Security 2.97%
As of 03-31-2013
Transamerica International Equity Opportunities 12.72%
Transamerica International Equity 12.31%
Transamerica International Small Cap 11.01%
Transamerica International, 7.635% 10.49%
Transamerica Short-Term Bond 9.17%
Transamerica AEGON U.S. Government Securities VP 7.28%
Transamerica International Value Opportunities 6.15%
Transamerica International Small Cap Value 5.67%
Transamerica Bond 4.14%
Transamerica Clarion Global Real Estate Securities VP 4.10%
As of 03-31-2013
Fannie Mae, 3.500%, due 12/01/2099 1.03%
Nestle SA, 2.841% 0.83%
Bayer AG, 2.052% 0.60%
Roche Holding AG, 3.326% 0.58%
Novartis AG, 3.410% 0.50%
Linde AG, 1.719% 0.49%
HSBC Holdings PLC, 4.571% 0.48%
Standard Chartered PLC, 3.614% 0.44%
LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA, 2.166% 0.41%
WPP PLC, 2.473%, Class A 0.40%